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Master Kong’s company, their home is a seafood e-commerce company, their private e-commerce business is super good, they can achieve a turnover of 20 million a month, and their private e-commerce system management method should be national None of the most powerful ones I will share today. They have never told an insider about themselves.

What is private domain e-commerce? Private domain e-commerce is a monetization scenario that relies on Tencent's ecology, such as a group that relies on WeChat, or a WeChat personal account. ‌A small program video number and so on to carry out a method for users.

The most powerful brand of Perfect Diary, through the operation of private domain e-commerce, opened Perfect Diary in just 4 years, returned to the Union Perfect Diary flagship store, and many other WeChat public accounts and mini programs, ‌ and virtual Kol The large community formed by Xiaowanzi has gathered nearly 50 million fans and succeeded
The total market value of the NYSE listed on the New York Stock Exchange is more than 12.2 billion U.S. dollars. There are a lot of articles about his case on the Internet. I will not repeat them here, but if you want to be a good e-commerce company in Civic, please be sure to Baidu these of their home Case analysis articles will be very helpful to you.

So why do we want to do private e-commerce? ‌Industry such as Douyin Wechat, etc. are only short-lived outlets, and once you are left behind, it is difficult to keep up with the strong Hengqiang, but private domain e-commerce is not the same. ‌Everyone can do private e-commerce, even if You are just a team of one person, even if you only open a small noodle shop, and it’s not too late at any time, because the core of Civic e-commerce is still based on personal trust in a closed environment, even now Tencent’s own foundation The facilities have not been completed yet, so this air outlet has just begun. In the next few years, there will be many unicorn company images on this track. ‌There is such a well-known Tmall brand that has long started to deploy private domain e-commerce, and now their private domain e-commerce sales have far exceeded his Tmall sales.

Let me briefly explain how this brain cell classmate in Shenzhen and his company mainly do it. These brain cell classmates in Shenzhen, the company of the classmates in the community, sell seafood on WeChat and send it through SF Express nationwide. Goods, they use WeChat Moments, Toutiao Douyin and many other public domain traffic platforms to place paid advertisements, and then guide consumers to add personal WeChat accounts. Of course, if you don’t have the budget to place these advertisements, it doesn’t matter. If you have a physical store, you can also add consumers' WeChat through a physical store, and the cost of acquiring traffic in this way will be lower. They never take money, they just chat privately and post to Moments, ‌via In-depth communication with customers to realize business realization, and then the more special point is everything. They never form groups, they just chat privately and post to Moments, communicate with customers in depth to realize business realization, and the more special thing is that all the WeChat names of personal WeChat accounts are the same name, which is created by them. It’s hard to say their brand name, but let me give you an example. For example, they sell seafood. Their company has registered more than 500 personal WeChat accounts, but all the names of the WeChat accounts are the same. A name, for example, is called Neptune. The tone of the chat and the content of the circle of friends are all tuned by the person Neptune. Neptune is the master of fishermen on their seafood fishermen. Just like the one that was very popular on the Internet before. Girl, tea sellers realize cash through chat, but the tea selling case is a bit biased, but their special certificate for selling seafood doesn’t have any tricks or tricks. Okay, let’s talk more about theirs. Some. Private domain e-commerce is doing super well, and it can achieve a turnover of 20 million in a month.

They are a company that uses data to arm the teeth. The owners of the company use the system to supervise the data. They built a system and thought about how to make this system. It took two years to develop the system. It took more than a year, and it’s still in continuous iteration. Today’s show I took a lot of screenshots of their system. You can take a closer look, but they are all tests in order to keep the data inside. The data, but looking at the division of their system can already be super brain-inspiring. When each of their employees starts chatting every day, just like scanning the web version of WeChat, they have to scan a QR code Log in, but because this system is developed and used internally by themselves, as long as all employees log in, all chat records of each employee will be synchronized to the company’s server for precipitation analysis of various data. Said Taobao shop. ‌

Not only did they have a customer service system, but the system they developed by themselves was a personal WeChat version of the customer service system. I was still thinking about whether their system could be sold externally, but after I learned more about it, this system was too powerful. ‌The most critical system and their internal management are closely related. They can’t sell it. Although they themselves say that they are very open and can sell this system to the outside world, other ordinary companies may not be able to use it at all. Software, if the company’s management can’t keep up, it’s better not to use it. But everyone can learn from the design of this management software, and it’s a big deal to implement the operation manually. There are more than 70 people in their company, and there are more than 500 in total. Personal Wechat ‌Because there are too many employees, each person manages 5 to 8 WeChat accounts. Every day, the system requires each employee to find 50 people to chat. Some of them are newly added friends, and some are return visits or return visits from old customers. It is the awakening of zombie fans ‌They are in every section. ‌

‌For receiving tasks, their employees are very good at having nothing to say, ‌Because in the daily KPI tasks, employees are required to do in-depth research, as long as the customer’s circle of friends is not blocked or only displayed for three days. ‌You have to look through the 30 recent Moments. The above information is used to understand the manual methods of Moments, and label each customer, such as the month and day of the customer’s birthday, ‌What kind of university the child has recently taken, etc. When the label is very detailed, when you ask the next time node, take the initiative to strike up a conversation with the customer. For example, if you saw that the customer recently took a child to Disney to play, then the way to take the initiative to strike up a conversation is Sister Wang yesterday. Shanghai Disney, I almost took my children yesterday, and so on. In addition, they also do a very detailed customer classification. For example, they are divided into intended customers, closed customers, and uncompleted customers without communicating with zombie fans. ‌

The transaction customers are also divided into general retention customers, general development customers, general value customers are important, customer retention is important, customer retention is important, development customers, important value customers, etc. They are prepared for each different customer type. For example, zombie fans are customers who have deleted their WeChat account. They use a huge welfare activity policy to guide customers when they go home. For example, 9 yuan 9 It’s normal to have zombie fans such as scallops, and generally have a churn rate of 5%~10%. However, 20% of people will be awakened by their friends when they go home through such a big welfare activity. And 10% of people will place an order to sell these zombie fans. They are all attracted by the company's investment in advertising. For the company, it is an important asset of the company. Every small link must be done well. , Can really make a living. ‌

‌The existence of the system, they also have KPI assessment for the depth of chat, for example, it is divided into shallow communication, medium communication, and deep communication is distinguished according to the number of chats. ‌For example, in the daily KPI assessment, for example, three in-depth communications, five medium communications, etc. are too refined operations, and the daily work of dozens of employees has been standardized. We often Talking about private e-commerce operations, at most, employees are required to post a few Moments every day, and then the materials are sent to the employees according to the time node. But they are different. They are also divided into the operation department and the customer service department of the customer service department to send Moments. , Are based on the plan made by the people in the operation department. For example, for a certain type of customer, a total of 8 Moments will be posted within this month, two of which are for trust building, and three are for seafood cooking methods. , Two are for promotional activities, and so on. They also classified the nature of the material in the Moments, and then they will. ‌

‌1:00 What to post or even how to comment. After a few people like it, post 1st, 2nd comments, etc., all in the plan ahead of time for the customer service department to go according to the plan, and the customer service department My friends don’t use hardware for these plans, because there is a system, and the craftsmanship of this system is like an OA system. ‌According to the different work progress of each employee, I will tell you in detail the to-dos, unfinished matters, and what to do at what time. Just just do it in a foolish manner and it’s OK, and the efficiency of the business is improved. We have really done it. We ask third-rate employees to send second-rate wages and use a first-class system. This idea is that they don’t send it randomly to Moments. They often send it based on customer groups, even deliberately. At consumers, for example, some consumers like to eat grouper, then these users will have a common grouper label, and then when they post to Moments, for example. ‌

‌Today, I ordered a box of grouper from the boat to make a special offer. Please send a private message to me. This sentence makes consumers feel very considerate. I feel that this person still remembers my preferences. In addition, there is more than one line of 10 classes, but this This kind of packaged scarcity makes everyone very happy. Because the system can monitor the chat records of all employees, their risk control is also very good. For example, if you are upset, the customer says a word, then The employee’s superior will immediately provide an alarm on his mobile phone, even if you come to the company to steal a customer, you push a QR code or WeChat business card that is not approved by the company to the customer, the employee’s superior. The phone will also call the police at the first time, so employees have to control their chat emotions. In addition, because of the precipitation of such chatting skills, they also have a business school within them, and their superiors will make the most efficient transactions. Quickly, the chat history with the highest transaction amount. ‌

‌Marked out these chat records will be automatically synchronized to the business school channel, other employees can refer to it, and even directly copy and paste these words ‌Create a dynamic learning organization, very powerful, read the company’s Everyone knows that task decomposition is particularly important. For example, what is the performance target for this month? What is the performance target for this quarter? Wait, in fact, Civic e-commerce needs the decomposition of performance goals. Their system can do this, even down to the day. I stayed in their company for three days, two of which were weekends, but almost 70 % Of people are working overtime on their own. The reason is that everyone must complete their KPIs every day. If the performance is completed early, you can leave early. If you do not complete it, you can only continue to work overtime. The entire company’s culture is based on goals Oriented, so the exhibition team is particularly wolfish. It is a team that can fight tough battles and is particularly good. ‌

‌Their advertising has also been specially digitized. Our general businesses rely on feelings for advertising and posting to Moments. I think this picture is good, and I will post this sentence after playing it. There is no data support at all. But they are different. The same activity will take 100 pictures, a little bit of small-scale testing of the data loaded by the copywriting and picture drainage, and rely on the data to find the best delivery materials, and then add them. Large investment, to achieve the optimal input-output ratio of advertising, and they have also done data correlation analysis on the product, for example, they will look at the people who bought salmon will generally buy other things, such as buying stone Grouper people still like to buy salmon when they repurchase within a certain period of time, so during this period of time, salmon and grouper are used as a set of hair activities. Every step and every operation depends on the data. ‌

‌Many other classmates may have, Why do you have to register so many personal WeChat accounts? Why not use corporate WeChat account? So how do you do it? The habit of using corporate WeChat accounts to use personal WeChat accounts for commercial transformation, although it is troublesome, but the conversion, so we must divert the traffic to the personal WeChat account. 2. One person can register 5 WeChat accounts. We must find shareholders or relatives and friends trusted by the management to register WeChat accounts. This is an important asset of the company. It cannot be handed over to mobile employees to register. Every employee You need to sign when you get your mobile phone and work on WeChat. In addition, these numbers are also very elegant when you register. You can’t register in the company and ask employees to take the subway. Register a WeChat account every few stations, otherwise it will be very useful. Probably because all numbers are registered in the same place, they are recognized by Tencent. ‌

‌Marketing account, and then ask employees to bring their mobile phones home every night, so that the mobile phones are geographically mobile, reducing the risk of being blocked by Tencent, so because of the standardized management in this area, their company’s WeChat account has never It has been blocked, and thirdly, there are many gray production industries surrounding the Tencent ecology, such as card merchants, commercial cat pools, etc. These are the dust that has been severely cracked down by the Ministry of Public Security. We must not buy these services. , Because it is very likely that we will suffer in the end. He gave me an example. They used to buy WeChat rental services online when the WeChat account was not enough. Some college students rented out their WeChat account. For others to use, you can earn part of the rent. As a result, their company invested a lot of advertising funds to divert this WeChat account. Later, the college student came to blackmail the company and said that he had to give you tens of thousands, otherwise he would recycle it. Wechat makes it difficult for the company to ride a tiger. ‌

‌Because customers already exist on this WeChat account, which is an important asset of the company, we must go to formalization and do not purchase these WeChat accounts in the gray production industry. Otherwise, the only one who suffers is yourself last month. Ah, I went to Shanghai to participate in this iQiyi Golden First Prize conference. Well, Tencent executives had a deep chat. He said that this year can even be defined as the first year of Civic e-commerce. In fact, they are in the next big game. They have done a lot of infrastructure construction for private domain e-commerce. For the rough house, when all the parts of the rough house are in place and the superimposition effect between the parts comes out, the value of the entire ecological future is very huge. Some even analyzed this piece of Tencent’s private e-commerce sector. In the future, it is very possible to achieve several tens of billions of companies.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the private e-commerce sector. In addition, the simple and crude era of making money on the Internet is slowly passing by, and companies that can stand tall in the future.

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